Six weeks before Christmas and Santa needed some help
The elves were working hard but just couldn’t keep up.

Bags of letters to Santa arrived in the post,
He would “fill all their wishes,” he said with a boast.

He needed toy suppliers to help pick up the pace,
As to leave each child with a smile on their face.

To the toy makers he made his appeal,
“Come on,” he said, “let’s make us a deal.”

“You can secretly share your inventory with me,
I’ll analyse the data so your competitors can’t see.”

One by one the toy makers agreed to help out,
“You must keep all my secrets,” they said with a shout.

“To Estonia!” Santa said, “We need the best.”
“Keeping the data safe; we can’t settle for less.”

Sharemind, he knew, would make his toy supply complete,
With their cutting-edge technology that no one can beat.

To find, the hottest toys that were sure to be a hit;
Santa fired up the data platform and results he did get.

I can’t tell you the data or outputs that he did see,
But I promise this holiday, children all filled with glee.