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Analyse and Process Encrypted Data Anonymously

Case studies

More financial data for your decisions

Find fraudulent transactions

Having more data for fraud prevention is like having ten times more investigators. At a fraction of the price.

Companies and individuals may try to hide assets or transactions to avoid taxation. At the same time, they may report the same assets or transactions elsewhere to receive services. Sharemind can combine these views to find potential fraud suspects.

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Reporting on confidential metrics

The IT sector is moving fast around the world. Officers in IT companies have limited visibility of the future.

The Estonian IT companies put their backs together and used Sharemind to create a health report for the IT sector. This allowed the CEOs to see how their company places in comparison with others without anyone having to disclose trade secrets.

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Share databases for research

Collaborative medical research

Analysing genome data is revolutionising personalised medicine. Improving diagnostic precision and assigning suitable drugs will reduce treatment costs.

Researchers from all over the world can use Sharemind to combine and jointly analyse their patient databases to find diagnostic methods and cures.

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Privacy-preserving policy decisions

Talented IT specialists are hard to find for start-ups, universities, and governments alike.

Estonia used Sharemind to collect encrypted income tax records and education records and analyse if working IT students fail their studies more likely than those focusing on school. Sharemind technology guaranteed that all data protection and tax secrecy regulations were followed without losing data utility.

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Innovative new services

Private satellite collision prediction

Satellites are amazing feats of modern technology that enable TV in our homes, long distance calls in our phones and let us see our beautiful Earth.

But the orbit of the Earth is busy, and the risk of collisions grows every day. Sharemind can predict collisions without satellite owners having to disclose trajectories.

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Private mobile location services

Today, mobile applications are constantly tracking our location. Even when this information is used to our benefit, it may be stolen and abused against us.

Sharemind is bringing in a new era of location services that provide value to users without disclosing their locations to anyone.

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