Secure Computing Platform

Products overview

Sharemind Platform

  • Data owners encrypt the full database on-site with the Sharemind importer and upload to the Sharemind Application Server.
  • Data analysts build and run queries without accessing the data.
  • Instead, Sharemind utilises secure computing technology to processes data without removing the protection.
  • All query results are also encrypted and only the user making the query can decrypt them.
  • Selected third parties control what can be computed and what results can be released.

Sharemind Advantage

  • Start new businesses or services based on data that you could not access before.
  • Use more data in your decision making, processes or research.
  • Go so far beyond data protection requirements that they may not apply anymore.
  • Use the better privacy guarantees as your market advantage.
  • Use Sharemind developer tools to build privacy-preserving data mining solutions that integrate with your workflow.

Sharemind Products

Sharemind MPC Sharemind HI
Technology Computation on Encrypted Data Trusted Execution Environments
Performance Low to medium performance overhead Minimal performance overhead
Deployment Multi-node application server (three servers needed) Single-node application server (one server with special CPU)
Integrations Statistical tools and SDK available Applications designed and developed for customer use cases
Hosting Any data center or cloud provider Data center or cloud with Intel® SGX support required (multiple options available)
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