Cybernetica AS and Pryv SA combine innovations to bring to the market a solution for a controlled safe analysis of personal data in highly regulated sectors

Cybernetica AS, a leading information security company and Pryv SA, a Swiss expert and provider of privacy and data management solutions, today announce the result of their joint research and collaboration started earlier in 2017. The availability of an integration between the two technologies showcase how to perform a controlled safe analysis of personal data in a complex and highly regulated environment, such as the healthcare industry.

The proposed privacy-by-design solution resolves the challenge of medical data sharing, including integrated compliance with complex regulations and re-using shared sensitive personal data.

“We want to provide the best privacy for the users and the best utility for data collectors. Together, Pryv and Sharemind provide a healthcare data solution that gives users control over their data and secures the analysis and re-use of collected databases,“ stated the management teams of Pryv SA and Cybernetica AS.

The Swiss-made technology of Pryv,, provides a scalable platform for handling sensitive data in a compliant way.’s unique data ontology helps app developers build healthcare apps by making consent management segmentation understandable to both patients and data users. Sharemind, one of the latest breakthroughs from Cybernetica’s R&D team, is an application server that processes information without seeing a single value. Apps running on Sharemind collect data in encrypted form and analyse them without removing the protection. Sharemind computes analysis results directly in an encrypted form and returns them to the analyst who can decrypt them.

The first two proofs-of-concept for the business application of the combined technologies are “using mobile phone location data in lifestyle analysis” and “researching relations of nutrition and diabetes”.

The cooperation between the two companies, and the validation of the technology match, validates that the combination of two can solve multiple challenges for the data research, medtech, pharma and insurance sectors by enabling them to perform a controlled safe analysis of personal data, without breaking the industry regulations, privacy laws, and rights of individuals.

See more from whitepaper by Cybernetica and Pryv: Controlled safe analysis of personal data.