Before crossing a highway, one needs to look both left and right before. We look for information before making a decision and taking the first steps towards the next goal. Whether it’s about navigating the urban landscape or leading global businesses, we need to collect data about our surroundings.

Next Generation Data Analysis

Sharemind gives a new life to organisations that need to make relevant data-driven decisions by allowing them to “see more” - collect and link more data without compromising privacy or business secrets. As stated in a report from the United States Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking, our underlying technology, secure multiparty computation, helps analyse data held in separated “silos”.

Kickstart from H2020

In 2017, we made decisions about the future of Sharemind. Cybernetica formed the Department of Privacy Technologies around the Sharemind product line. Led by Dan Bogdanov, our team is on a mission to improve data linking practices of companies and governments around the world. Our growth is kickstarted by funding from the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Small- and Medium Enterprise support instrument. We put together a plan in 2016 called the BigDecision project, a comprehensive report outlining potential projects that could be achieved using the Sharemind secure multiparty computation platform; and now with the help of the H2020 grant, the Sharemind team will now put into action the BiggerDecisions project.

Roadmap to Success

Wherever the path of data leads you, whether it's healthcare, finance or the justice system, we can help you navigate the through the roadblocks and allow you analyse private data with end-to-end encryption. Attaining the knowledge you need should not hit a dead end, Sharemind can create your roadmap to success.