How does Sharemind MPC work?

A short introduction to secure multi-party computation technology

Sharemind MPC (Multi-Party Computation)

End-to-end data protection with accountability

In a service powered by Sharemind, data owners encrypt their data on premises and upload them to Sharemind. The host of a Sharemind server cannot decrypt the values or learn anything from them. However, Sharemind can process the data without removing the protection or having access to confidential values. All results will be encrypted as well. This is called Computation on Encrypted Data or Runtime Encryption.

In addition, Sharemind ensures that no unauthorized query can be performed and only authorized users can provide data or see results. Logs are kept of all activities to keep track of queries and users.

Built-in confidentiality with Sharemind MPC

Your users work with the Sharemind MPC Application Server to process their confidential data. The Application Server provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for implementing privacy-preserving services. These apps can be used directly from mobile or web applications by end users. Alternatively, you can use them from your application backend.

The Sharemind Client API takes the cryptographic complexity out of building privacy-preserving user interfaces. It automatically handles encryption, upload and queries for the client application. At the same time, the Sharemind Standard Library of privacy-preserving algorithms reduces the time of developing the service backend.

The Sharemind MPC Platform

Feature Sharemind MPC SDK & Emulator Sharemind MPC Academic Server Sharemind MPC Application server
Target users Who is the runtime designed for? Secure programming enthusiasts Privacy researchers Service providers
Secure computation engine Security or ease of development? Emulator Computation on Encrypted Data Computation on Encrypted Data
Client Application development What will the users see? Development environment only Web, mobile, desktop, server apps Web, mobile, desktop, server apps
Server Application development How to implement the business process? SecreC 2 language SecreC 2 language SecreC 2 language
Enterprise features Which one runs in practice? None None Support for database engines and access control, best performance
Licensing Where do I have to sign? Open source (GPLv3) License from Cybernetica License from Cybernetica
Pricing What will it cost? Free Free for research use Server-based pricing
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