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Collect, Link and Analyse Personal Data.

The Caspar Bowden PET Award Runner-up 2017

Estonian Defence Industry Company of the Year 2014

Quality Innovation of the Year 2014

What if you wanted to compare your income and expenses with other companies...

...but at the same time avoid revealing the financial data.

First, you enter your data to Sharemind in an encrypted form.

Your data

Company B

Company C

You cannot see the data of other companies and they cannot see yours.

The real values are invisible even to Sharemind, since the data remains encrypted.

Even though the data remains unseen to humans and machines, Sharemind was able to analyse the data and present the results.

Sharemind lets you keep existing data flows and open up new ones.

Free flow of data

Link existing databases

Sharemind links records in existing databases with no privacy risks. Databases are encrypted by their controllers. Sharemind links encrypted (anonymised) tables without ever decrypting (de-identifying) them. Best of all - Sharemind performs the analysis and reporting on encrypted data as well.

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Collect private data

Sharemind also enables encrypted data collection from web forms, mobile apps, IoT sensors - anywhere. Private data will never leave the owner, giving perfect data protection and control.

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Compliance with privacy regulation

Data Protection Beyond the State-of-the-Art

Sharemind goes beyond anonymisation and de-identification technology suggested in GDPR. With Sharemind, personal data will exist only at the source. Sharemind ensures that personal data records are not available to any other parties in the data exchange. Only analytical results can be published.

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