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Tools for creating privacy-preserving apps and services

Sharemind is an application server platform similar to the ones available for Java EE or .NET.

  • The developer tags data as public or private in the database and in application code.
  • Sharemind automatically enforces cryptographic protection for private data throughout the analysis process.
  • Private data cannot be made public without the use of special functions that require the consensus of several servers before publishing data.

Sharemind applications consist of the server side packages and client interfaces.

Runtime Feature Comparison

Feature SDK Emulator Academic Server Application server
Target users Who is the runtime designed for? For developers For privacy researchers For service providers
Secure computation engine Security or ease of development? Protocol emulator Cryptographic protocols Cryptographic protocols
Application development How to make it understand me? SecreC 2 language SecreC 2 language SecreC 2 language
Deployment options Where can I use Sharemind from? Only within the development environment Web, mobile, desktop, server apps Web, mobile, desktop, server apps
Enterprise features Which one runs in practice? None None Support for database engines and access control, best performance
Licensing Where do I have to sign? Open source (GPLv3) License from Cybernetica License from Cybernetica
Pricing What will it cost? Free Free for research use Server-based pricing
Download Request License Request License