An Application Server that Keeps Data Encrypted

The Caspar Bowden PET Award Runner-up 2017

Estonian Defence Industry Company of the Year 2014

Quality Innovation of the Year 2014

What if you wanted to compare your income and expenses with other companies...

...but at the same time avoid revealing the financial data.

First, you enter your data to Sharemind in an encrypted form.

Your data

Company B

Company C

You cannot see the data of other companies and they cannot see yours.

The real values are invisible even to Sharemind, since the data remains encrypted.

Even though the data remains unseen to humans and machines, Sharemind was able to analyse the data and present the results.

Sharemind is a High-Performance, Programmable Secure Computing Platform Proven in Real World Applications

Privacy Everywhere

Analysis of Public Databases

Sharemind's secure multi-party computation technology allows public and private sector organisations to collaborate in policy research and law enforcement. The perfect privacy provided allows for a re-use of existing databases and records.

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New tools for medical and genome research

Privacy technologies like secret sharing allow hospitals, healthcare providers and biotech companies to combine their knowledge to jointly learn more. And with the novel hardware-supported secure computing technology, Sharemind can also integrate genome sequences in the privacy-preserving analysis.

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Secure multi-party computation

Secure Computing in the Cloud

Homomorphic cryptography has a great synergy with cloud computing. First, secure computing enables cloud applications that were unthinkable before. Second, the ease of use and scalability of cloud infrastructure lets anyone make use of secure computing.

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Programmable and efficient

With over ten years of original research, we have developed homomorphic cryptography, secret sharing and secure computing technology to be easy to use and program. The Sharemind Application Server and Software Development Kit make the use of next-generation security easier to all developers.

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