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New secure application prototypes and tools from the Sharemind team

Sharemind has been heavily developing its capabilities of data processing. This includes secure protocols for sorting and statistics and more. Check out the following papers in the Research section for full details:

Statistics - Privacy-preserving statistical data analysis on federated databases. (published in APF 2014)

Sorting - A Practical Analysis of Oblivious Sorting Algorithms for Secure Multi-party Computation (upcoming in NordSec 2014)

Also, we have developed a truly interesting application prototype for the privacy preserving risk analysis of tax data. Read more in the research report titled Secure multi-party computation system prototype for analyzing risks in value added tax declarations. You'll find the report here (the two-page abstract is in English).

Sharemind team is on tour

You may want to look around you, because you may find a Sharemind team member near you in the coming weeks. Yes - we are on a conference tour!

This week, its the MPC 2014 conference in Denmark. Our team is represented by Jan, Pille, Riivo and Toomas. Also, check out this nifty demo we made for the rump session. Thanks to Riivo for making this happen! The team is also there with other demos you can look at.

Next up, it's the Annual Privacy Forum in Athens where, on 20th of May, Liina Kamm and Riivo Talviste are giving a talk titled Privacy-Preserving Statistical Data Analysis on Federated Databases that proposes to combine Sharemind with X-road.

And to finish this up, Dan represents the Sharemind team at the SPAR-MPC workshop in MIT from May 28th to May 29th.

There's a lot of exciting things happening with Sharemind right now and we will keep you informed as they do.

Some holiday reading on cool new Sharemind features

It's that time of the year when we can look back on what was and, more importantly, think on how we can learn from it for the future.

We have been hard at work on the next generation of secure computation tools and we know that you have waited for a while already. So here's some peeks into what's coming. There are two preprints of papers for your holiday reading pleasure.

Kamm, Liina., Willemson, Jan. Secure Floating-Point Arithmetic and Private Satellite Collision Analysis. Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2013/850. 2013. (PDF)

Bogdanov, Dan., Kamm, Liina., Laur, Sven., Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Pille. Secure multi-party data analysis: end user validation and practical experiments. Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2013/826. 2013. (PDF)

The two papers show how Sharemind has grown from working just with integers to solving complex data analysis problems.

We wish you a peaceful end of the year and are looking forward to sharing great news with you in 2014!

--- the Sharemind team

Sharemind powers a new cloud-based data analysis service

Sharing data with a cloud service means trusting the service provider with your information. While there are many cases where the standard security guarantees are sufficient, medical data, financial data and personal data often requires better privacy.

Secure multi-party computation can provide that privacy and now, with Sharemind on the Cloud, we can do it on standard cloud servers.

Our new Income analysis of the Estonian public sector cloud application is powered by Sharemind and runs on Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and Estonia's own Zone Media cloud. No cloud service provider among these three can access the individual incomes or find out who they belonged to. Sharemind can still calculate the reports and present it as a nice web service.

Click here for the demo!

We will continue working on improving the security of cloud services with Sharemind.

A glimpse of the new SecreC language

We have been dropping hints of massive updates to the Sharemind SDK. While we are still quite a bit away from releasing the tools, we are publishing bits of information about the upcoming changes.

One of the most import changes is descibed the following ePrint:

Bogdanov, Dan., Laud, Peeter., Randmets, Jaak. Domain-Polymorphic Programming of Privacy-Preserving Applications. Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2013/371. 2013. (PDF)

The new SecreC 2 language and the Sharemind 3 server will be based on protection domains. A protection domain is a set of secure data representations and algorithms for secure computation on that representation. You can think of a protection domain as a set of secure computation protocols.

This allows us to start using different secure computation protocol suites in Sharemind with little effort. Sharemind 3 already supports various protection domains with a different number of servers.

We will be posting more information about Sharemind 3 as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

Sharemind SDK v2013.05 released

After a long development period, we are very happy to announce the release of Sharemind SDK 2013.05.

The highlights of this release are:

  • a completely redesigned secure database
  • a new standalone virtual machine package for Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris users
  • new tutorials, updated documentation and examples.

Get the new Sharemind SDK 2013.05 here

Check out the new tutorials!

  1. Tutorial: How to install the Sharemind SDK virtual machine image with VirtualBox
  2. Tutorial: Understanding the secret-shared database in Sharemind
  3. Tutorial: How to collect and use data in the Sharemind database

Check out the new database API

SecreC Database instructions for Sharemind 2.3

Here is the full change log:

Release notes for SDK 2013.05 / Sharemind 2.3


  • Added persistent sessions: controller applications are now able to disconnect without losing their session.
  • Redesigned the Sharemind database architecture: the database is now more flexible.
  • Added the HDF5 database backend (enabled by default).
  • Refactored the Tokyo Cabinet database backend.
  • Removed the SQLite and ODBC database backends.
  • Removed the database related functions from the ControllerInterface.
  • Updated the unit tests to cover the new database functionality.
  • Added a system call mechanism for more easily adding new protocols implemented in C++.
  • Added system calls for sorting vectors and matrices. These are optimized for specific input sizes.

Sharemind languages

  • Added and updated a number of functions in SecreC in relation to various changes (e.g. database functions).
  • Added and updated a number of functions in Sharemind assembly in relation to various changes (e.g. database functions).


  • Made SecreCIDE compatible with Qt5.
  • Updated the Sharemind assembly language reference in the help section to take into account the changes in the language.
  • Updated the SecreC language reference in the help section to take into account the changes in the language.
  • Updated the syntax highlighting in the code editor to account for the changes in the Sharemind languages.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some SecreC compiler bugs.
  • Fixed some unit tests.
  • Fixed an issue where some mutexes were not properly locked.
  • Other various bugfixes.
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